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Olivia’s Debut Collection – THE TEASER 2018, is the collection that invites you to grasp the type of designer and female Entrepreneur that Olivia represents, it gives you a glimpse of her vision and of what is to come.


For Olivia’s debut collection, inspiration is drawn from simplistic and clean edges of modern design combined with the whimsical, intricate beauty of her Taiwanese roots. It also demonstrates her ambitions to perfectly express and connect diverse elements without losing their original essence. This journey benefits contemporaneous fashion lovers with their eclectic tastes and passions found in their everyday lives.


Two looks from the collection, the Dakota and Claudia blouses, signify the technique of both blending softness and sturdiness. One was hand ruched in the transparent chateau rose pink silk chiffons creating a fluid like baby ruffle neck blouse, pulled delicately tight to the back with matching Japanese cross grain; the other was cut from an intricate navy floral embroidery mesh, both garments still convey the essence of fluidness and structure which illustrates the ‘modern female’s arm’.


The other signature design you can expect to see in each forthcoming season is her hand manipulated pleats with visionary tack inspired by the traditional smocking that she adores. The continuous and repetitive handcraft pleats with bows alike on the tip make the silk satin bounce with fresh astonishing texture and patterns that wrap precisely and sings the sensual rhythm of a women’s body. The oversized light wool coat and draped brushed-cotton trousers in slate effortlessly nod towards an androgyny, so in keeping with timeless style with fun.


The collection is classic yet modern; sophisticated yet youthful; elegant yet staggering. It celebrates the women’s body with alluring cuts, such as the deep V neck spaghetti top and dress, and with a slick silhouette and immaculate straight cut strapless gown which emphasizes femininity with sensational luxurious fabric, simple yet complex.


This collection captures both the excitement and lavishness of fashion with design and craftsmanship versatility. Each garment stands out as a striking design piece whilst also giving freedom for the audience to easily aggregate with their current wardrobe. The collection itself is the interpretation of the designer, her interpretation of the luxury design world and the opening crescendo of what she wants to offer which will embrace and uplift women’s spirits through design.


Olivia would like to thank the following for their significant contribution in realising the debut collection:


Photographer  Daniel Hobson  Model  Georgina Richardson  Key Contributors  Chung Sheng Chen, Shao Ping Li, Alex Malcolm, Melody Wang, Alyson Burt, Ting-kai Chang, Tina Richardson, Rufus Malcolm, Cedric Malcolm.

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