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Spring Summer 2019 Press Release

Olivia HSCM’s Spring Summer 2019 collection ignites the imagination through use of explorative and yet subtle colours delicately bound together to form an array of magnificent garments.  The collection uses a mixture of clean sharp lines and flamboyant bursts of material that strike the audience to the core.  Olivia who prefers to go by her first name has shown that she is able to not only grow her mastery of material and design but positively explode the bounds of her creativeness.  

The inspiration of the Fontanne dress originates from Olivia’s childhood, a promise from her grandmother for a purple dress that could never be fulfilled as her unfortunate sudden passing, a missing piece in her heart since she was little, a memory, a need to show strength, elegance and an element of fun simultaneously in the face of either joy or adversity.  The other pieces of her collection take you on the journey of exploring fun through design.


Olivia continues to use stretch silk satin and introduces stretch heavy crepe de chine to ensure luxury with comfort.  Texture and structure are then provided by the use of lace, embroidery and horse grain.  Her collection will embellish and emphasise the wearers physique and cater for any occasion from going to a gala, dining in a Michelin star restaurant, attending formal board meetings or nipping out to the corner shop on the hunt for a pint of milk.

The forming of her signature can now be seen across her collections, a carefully calculated cut, a structural close-fitting bodice followed by a dynamic and luxurious decorative feature like the floating flare at Spring Summer 2019 collection that conveys kinetic energy, femininity and fun.


Olivia would like to thank the following for their significant contribution in realising the Spring Summer 2019 collection:

MUA Jessica Mackie Model Alisha Safo Music Hansolo Guitar Key Contributors Shao Ping Li, Chung Sheng Chen, Alex Malcolm, Rufus Malcolm and Cedric Malcolm.

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